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Meet Adem Omerović our Community Based Protection Officer

Adem used to work for 17 years in the IT field, and it affected how he managed challenges, trying to streamline his work, automate it, and make it easier and humanly error-free


Posted on 24 Apr 2023

Adem Omerović, Community Based Protection Officer, started his engagement within DRC by embedding respect for those in need in every inch of what he and the rest of the team do on a daily basis, and at the same time being proud that DRC as an organization always strives to lead by example and set higher standards in the humanitarian work.

"My working day is usually filled with protection and community-based activities that strive to improve the quality of life of people on the move in reception centers. After a short morning briefing with the beneficiaries, if there are significant numbers of new beneficiaries, I assist the DRC team in performing medical screenings and in directing migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers from the breakfast towards medical screening and registration. In the time after the medical screening and before lunch, I accompany TRC TL in their cleaning action. I use this opportunity to talk with beneficiaries and raise hygiene awareness,” emphasized Adem.

Adem used to work for 17 years in the IT field, and it affected how he managed challenges, trying to streamline his work, automate it, and make it easier and humanly error-free.

"It culminated with computer classes for beneficiaries. I set up a classroom and prepared informative leaflets and posters translated into multiple languages with the help of my colleagues at work. To further benefit and attract beneficiaries to the classes, I set up computers to be used for internet access, work, and recreation when there are no computer classes, which is especially useful to beneficiaries that do not have other means to stay in contact with their relatives back home," says Adem, adding that computer classes are scheduled every day after which people on the move can spend free time in the internet café.

Most of the people on the move are in some sort of emergency mindset, which was shaped by the hardships and tribulations that they faced on their journey from their homeland. The DRC is therefore dedicated to preserving their physical and mental health, enabling proper hygiene and education, and simply being there for those in need.

"Building trust and a safe environment to dismantle that state is a really challenging but rewarding process. When you save someone’s life by convincing them to undergo lifesaving medical treatment. When you have beneficiaries organized in community activities who openly discuss their problems and advocate for their rights, you can propose and work on solutions. When beneficiaries join educational classes and learn new skills that solve some of their immediate problems and will benefit them throughout their lives. It feels good doing that, being helpful to others, helping them return to normal life, even if it’s momentarily," concludes Adem.

Besides enjoying his work, Adem is very dedicated to his kids and family, with whom he spends most of his free time, and the rest of it he is glad to spend watching Netflix.

25 Apr 2023
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