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FLS - Family Liaison Support Training Online

The training prepares the participants to function as Family Liaison Support on behalf of an organization. The family liaison officers function as communication link between an organization’s critical incident management team and the relatives of a staff member who is unable to communicate, e.g. due to being hospitalized, abducted etc.


Family Liaison Support

The training is a real time, face to face training, based on collaborative learning. Participants will participate in plenary sessions, task solving in groups, peer feedback, and participant presentations.

In the training there will be simulation and scenarios. These scenarios will be presented through picture, video, and sound. Real time roleplaying will be presented to the participant through the screen and speaker.
The training will be facilitated by a senior safety expert and a senior stress counsellor.

The training is based on critical incident management best practice for international NGOs.

26 Sep 2024
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