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Protection monitoring risks and trends

The Protection Monitoring Risks and Trends (by DRC Kenya) gathers primary and secondary data from an indicative sample of at risk communities in Kenya to provide a community centric understanding of local protection dynamics, and an analysis of protection incidents and trends. The report focusses on Dadaab, Kakuma and Kalobeyei camps, analyzing vital incidents and trends, to address humanitarian concerns. It is not exhaustive and may not represent the views of its authors or funders. The information, assessment, and analysis provided are intended solely for humanitarian purposes and should not be cited elsewhere.

Protection monitoring risks and trends_August 2023 Aug 2023
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Protection monitoring risks and trends_September2023 Sep 2023
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Protection Monitoring Risks and Trends_October 2023 Oct 2023
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Protection Monitoring Risks and Trends_November 2023 Nov 2023
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