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Civil Society Engagement and Diaspora Programme

DRC has since 2010 engaged directly with different diaspora actors to facilitate and strengthen thei…

12 Jun 2022
Afghanistan, Europe, Syria, Iraq, Ethiopia, Somalia, Civil society engagement, Diaspora

Life in the margins: Re-examining the needs of paperless people in post-conflict Iraq

15 Sep 2022
Iraq, Legal aid, Protection, Displacement

Paperless People of Post-Conflict Iraq: Denied rights, barred from basic services and excluded from reconstruction efforts

During the conflict with the Islamic State group (IS), six million Iraqi citizens were forced to fle…

19 Sep 2019
Iraq, Legal aid, Protection, Advocacy

DRC Iraq Response Overview

In 2022, DRC is working to support IDPs, returnees and host communities across 7 governorates, with…

03 Jan 2022
Iraq, Displacement