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Bangladesh working areas 2023

01 Mar 2023
Bangladesh, Camp, Protection, Economic recovery

Factsheet 2022 Bangladesh

DRC has been operating in Bangladesh since 2014, and in 2017 DRC started providing emergency assista…

22 Feb 2023
Bangladesh, Protection, Camp, Shelter, Economic recovery

Refugee protection, human smuggling, and trafficking in Bangladesh and Southeast Asia

16 Jan 2023
Asia, Bangladesh, Protection

Protecting Rohingya Refugees in Asia (PRRiA)

Protecting Rohingya Refugees in Asia (PRRiA) is a two-year initiative funded by the European Union’s…

26 Oct 2022
Asia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Protection, Rohingya

Photobook: Together we stand

Glimpses of Community-Based Protection activities by DRC Bangladesh

24 Jul 2022
Bangladesh, Protection

Photobook: Investing in resilience

A photo book on Economic recovery programme achievements

07 Jul 2022
Bangladesh, Economic recovery

Imagine a World of Women who Bleed without Fear

On this World Refugee Day, June 20th, here is a story on how a small idea led to great impact on the…

20 Jun 2022
Bangladesh, Protection

Human-interest stories from Cox's bazar

As of 2022, an estimated 541,000 Bangladeshi host community members in Cox’s Bazar are known to be i…

07 Apr 2022
Bangladesh, Protection

Dashboard Bangladesh - 2021

Dashboard Bangladesh - 2021, Q1, Q2

01 Aug 2021
Bangladesh, Protection, Camp, Shelter, Economic recovery