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Newsletter | DRC in Ukraine

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30 Nov 2022

‘Peace’ in the Humanitarian-Development-Peacebuilding Nexus Learning and Practice Note

30 Nov 2022

Colombia Finance Information

Danish Refugee Council – DRC Programme Colombia de conformidad con el Artículo 7º de la Resolución 0…

16 Nov 2022
Colombia, Finance

Diaspora Project Support (DiPS)

The diaspora project support (DiPS) grant mechanism provides direct support to diaspora organization…

14 Nov 2022
Afghanistan, Somalia, Civil society engagement, Diaspora

Border Monitoring Factsheet - October 2022

07 Nov 2022
Bosnia & Herzegovina, Border Monitoring

Evading responsibility for refugee protection

Danish Refugee Council's analysis and recommendations related to the Danish plans to externalize asy…

03 Nov 2022

Evading responsibility for refugee protection

Danish Refugee Council's analysis and recommendations related to the Danish government's plans to ex…

01 Nov 2022
denmark, asylum, Advocacy, externalization, EU

Legal Alerts | Ukraine

This Legal Alert is produced by the DRC Ukraine Legal Unit to give an overview of the legal updates…

31 Oct 2022
Ukraine, Legal Alerts

WACAFI displacement forecast for December 2022

These report contain the regular displacement forecasts produced by the WACAFI model. The WACAFI a…

28 Oct 2022
Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Predictive analysis

Protecting Rohingya Refugees in Asia

The Rohingya population, originating from Myanmar, constitute the world’s largest stateless populati…

26 Oct 2022
Asia, Protection

Research report from the Asia Displacement Solutions Platform (ADSP)

With a documented total of almost 1.2 million refugees originating from Myanmar – overwhelmingly Roh…

26 Oct 2022
Asia, Protection

MMC Resources on Rohingya movements across Asia

In-depth information and research on Rohingya in Asia - The risks faced by the Rohingya are prevalen…

26 Oct 2022
Asia, Protection

Exploring the environment-conflict-migration nexus in Asia

Climate change is often described as a ‘threat multiplier’ that intensifies human insecurity and can…

24 Oct 2022
Asia, Climate

DRC Greece Ukraine Emergency Response Helpline

To support thousands of people who have already reached Greece, DRC launched a Help Line Service to…

20 Oct 2022
Greece, Ukraine

DRC projects in Greece

20 Oct 2022

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Health Factsheet, September 2022

14 Oct 2022
Bosnia & Herzegovina, Health